Monday, 27 February 2012


oops... at the end of that last message, there's a strange NO that has landed there from outer space. Ignore it, as my word of choice is always YES... positive attitude, all the way. And I am feeling quite positive now about the new website that is up and running for LE MAS BLANC WRITER'S RETREAT, thanks to my friend Rick Kitto in London, Ontario, who creates websites... Check out his website to see the kind of work he does (RICK KITTO WEB SITE DESIGN)  -- I think he's terrific, and am singing his praises to all who will listen... I am grateful for the way he's helped me put my idea "out there" where it is accessible ... my idea being to have a place where writers or artists or musicians can come to work alone, in an undisturbed fashion. (Although, insofar as writers might need editing or proofreading or mentoring help, I am available for these tasks.)

So here's the site --

Have a look, and let me know what you think... Suggestions and questions will be welcomed.