Thursday, 18 April 2013

Leeks, Greens & Tulips

My new friend Lindy, the renting-writer, left this morning to return to Canada, and in lieu of her good company I am looking at some of the photos she and I took while she was here. Now I can show you what French wild leeks look like -- this is Lindy's shot of her first gathered leeks and greens from the field.

Here is part of Lindy's harvest of leeks and dandelion greens

Here they are cleaned, ready to be sautees in butter for the omelette
Of course I took Lindy to the Thursday market in Anduze, where we bought all manner of wonderful things -- olives, cheese, and greens from my favorite organic farmer, whose fresh beets --leaves and all -- were absolutely delicious. It's so easy to eat well here.

Buying fresh produce at the market is one of life's great pleasures
It really IS spring now, for sure... and what better indication of this state of affairs than TULIPS (you can take the girl out of Ottawa, but you can't take .... ) which for me are emblematic of the longed-for proof of that final change in the weather, whether in April in France or May in Canada... Here are some of mine here, beside the front steps a few days ago. Don't they just make you feel happy, looking at them?

In my humble opinion, the Platonic Form of Tulip is always RED

More photos later... That's all for now. Back out to the garden, there's work to be done... and I am accompanied by the singing of birds and the croaking of frogs in the millpond... wonderful spring music indeed.